Meals for Book Lovers

Reading books is a pastime for millions of people around the world. They can sit in one place for quite some time and become engrossed in an interesting literary material. Those long hours of reading can make them quite hungry so, if you are an avid reader, you may want to have a few of these suggested meals by your side to keep your stomach filled.

A sandwich is a great example of a food item that you can conveniently hold in one hand while clasping a book in the other. The filling is a personal choice, but it is better if you can place some carrot slices or cream cheese in between the pieces of bread. These are very rich in vitamin A, a nutrient that plays an essential role in improving your vision.

A carrot stick, a banana, or some chocolate cake is also good food. That is because they are rich in sugar, which provides you with the energy to go on for long hours. True, you may be at rest, but your mind consumes a lot of energy in interpreting and analysing what you are viewing. Finally, have a cup of something hot to drink. The liquid refreshes you and stimulates your mind to read more.