Simple but Healthy Reading Habits

Do you love to read the works of great authors? Reading books is a pastime enjoyed by millions of people around the world. However, you need to develop a few healthy habits to prevent eye and body soreness from long hours of staring at the words in the pages of a book.

First, go to a well-lit place to avoid eye strain. In fact, most of the short- and long-term vision problems associated with reading are due to the wrong practice of viewing books in places that lack proper illumination. Also, if you have been staring at a book for quite some time, give your eyes a rest by closing them for a while or looking at a wonderful bit of scenery.

Next, find a good chair that allows you to keep your back straight. This way, a large portion of your body weight is supported by the large muscles on your back and your behind, allowing you to maintain that position for a long time. If you read a book in a slouched position, you will stress your spinal column. Finally, eat foodstuffs with lots of Vitamin A such as carrots and squashes since these can keep your eyes healthy and your vision clear.